Tarsier Equestria is located inside the resort, stabling 15 horses of different breeds and sizes. Quarter horses, thoroughbreds and the unique and magnificent Lusitanos. The equestrian centre has an Olympic sized dressage arena and a 15 meter covered round arena for all weather riding.

Equestrian Packages

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First Tale (Beginner Riders)

  • Learn basic riding with instructor Patricia Moussempes.
  • An introduction to grooming and the use of equipment will be shown.
  • Learn the basic riding aids, rider’s seat, leg aids and rein aids.

Dance with Horses (confirmed Riders)

  • An introduction to classical dressage and its history.
  • Riding instructor Patricia Moussempes will introduce lateral work such as shoulder-in, leg yield in walk and trot, serpentines and circles.
  • Riders will learn trot-canter transitions and importance of the rider’s seat.

Advanced Riders

  • Classical dressage training with riding instructor Patricia Moussempes.
  • Lateral work and gymnastics using shoulder-in, leg yield half pass, travers, renvers counter canter and piaffe.
  • Learn to evaluate the horse and understand asymmetry so as to bring the horse to the higher airs in classical dressage.


Bohol offers some of the finest and diverse diving in the Coral Triangle. Amongst the Coral Reefs you will also find Whale Sharks and Dolphins. Tarsier Aquatika provides a different style of diving and exclusivity for our guests.

Diving Packages

Develop Fondness On These Strikingly Tall Creatures That Will Sure Love You Back…

Blue Planet (Beginner)

A three-day adventure that includes:

  • Short classroom session for safety, with the option of online study in advance if wanted
  • Swimming pool session
  • One (1) ocean dive to a maximum depth of 12 meters

Open Water (Median)

A three-day adventure that includes:

  • Online academics giving a thorough insight into the basics of scuba diving (can be completed in the classroom if preferred but required additional day)
  • Minimum of three (3) pool sessions
  • Minimum of four (4) ocean dives

Into the Deep (Advance)

A two-day adventure for certified divers that includes:

  • Short academic review session for each adventure dive (completed online before the trip)
  • Five (5) ocean dives each specializing in different aspects of scuba diving


Tarsier Paprika will make you the perfect picnic hamper. Enjoy a feast in your choice of scenic locations, such as the beach, botanic gardens or whilst visiting one of the many islands.


Saunter down from Tarsier Paprika along the cornice to the most private pristine Cove in Bohol. Enjoy snorkelling, swimming and private dining. Watch the sunset with a cocktail in hand. The private Jetty will welcome any avid sailor.